Are Teens Interested in Facebook?

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Blog posts for the Digital Marketing course

It is important to know that the usage of social media platforms, particularly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, has been increased these days. Moreover, these three social media tools are considered the most popular social networking sites around the world, especially Facebook.

For this post, I have chosen a blog post, which its title I’m 13 and None of My Friends Use Facebook, to talk about. Ruby Karp, who is the writer of that blog post, talked about her experience with Facebook and why her friends are using other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. I do agree with her that teens are not interested in Facebook at all and after having read her post I just noticed that I have 25 nephews and all what they are talking about are Instagram and Twitter and they are not using Facebook at all as well as they find Facebook so boring.

So here, I will leave some questions for the present and the future so we may find answers to them.

Is Facebook really losing its popularity between teens?

Can we say that the trends are for Instagram, Twitter and etc?

If Facebook is really losing its popularity, are businesses aware of that?

Even though I am still interested and also addicted to Facebook between all other platforms, I can see that teens have other interests.

One the other hand, I have read a blog post, which its title I’m 15 and All My Friends Use Facebook and Adora Svitak, who is the writer of that post, has other ideas that are different from Ruby Karp’ thought. Interestingly, Adora Svitak commented that “We weren’t born using Facebook. It takes time to like the thing and I’m 15 and all of my friends use Facebook”.

Although Adora gave a good thought, I still agree with Ruby Karp’ thought that Facebook is losing its popularity among teens.

  1. rezderhamy says:

    I liked the read, so I tweeted it, will let you know of any response.

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