Get Benefit from Your Blog

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Blog posts for the Digital Marketing course

It is important to know that the usage of social media tools, especially Twitter and Facebook, has been increased these days. However, having a blog is considered a foundation for all your social media activities because a blog allows you to build a big picture of who you are, which is difficult to do on Twitter for example.

For this posting, I have chosen a blog post, which its topic is “why you should blog to get your next job”, to write about. Interestingly, this topic gives five reasons why a blog can get you your next job and one of which is that a blog is your resume, which allows you to highlight the skills on your resume. The second reason is that a blog gives you a positive digital footprint when potential employers investigate you online. Furthermore, because employers are looking for employees who are knowledgeable and well-connected as well, a blog helps you build a network and also it makes you interesting to employers. Moreover, not only does blogging keep your knowledge current, but it will also keep your skills sharp because you create a new content for your readers.

I have found this blog post interesting because of two points which are not only does a blog keep your knowledge current but it also gives you a positive digital footprint. I strongly agree with the writer on these two points because a job-seeker can have extremely good opportunities to deliver the web address of their blogs on their resumes and also a job-seeker can extend the interview and he or she can tell more about their abilities on their blogs such as current events in the industry, their views on trends and developments and so on. On the other hand, having a blog can hurt job-seekers, particularly when they provide information, which might be controversial such as political and religious views.

  1. Thanks for referencing my blog and good luck with your blogging efforts!

  2. marwan1408 says:

    well done Mohammed 🙂

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