Keep Your Brand Name From Being Hurt on Social Media

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Blog posts for the Digital Marketing course

Owing to the fact that it is really important to be active on social media online with your customers, some businesses do mistakes when getting more involved, especially small mistakes.

This article talks about some social media mistakes that hurt your relationship with consumers and some of which are posting too much or not enough or in some cases missing a couple of typos as well as the article talks about the importance of the platforms on social media for feedback. Interestingly, this article shows some results of searching that has been conducted in the UK by a company and nearly 1000 consumers have been asked about what might damage their opinion about a brand that uses social media online. The results show that poor spelling and grammar was the biggest turn-off at 42%.

I have found this article important because it looks at small mistakes that may damage your brand when using social medial online as a channel. I strongly agree that posting too much will result badly on your brand because when doing that your customers get confused and you find your brand being hurt. Spelling mistakes are really common when posting on social media sites, especially on Twitter, because people usually are in their haste to tweet. So I suggest that you let your colleagues check out what you are going to post to get some feedback and you may adjust before posting. On Facebook I have found that it provides a good platform for feedback so businesses can see if they promote good or not and they can also identify how their consumers feel about them as well as businesses have an option on Facebook to have a chart that shows all activities on their pages in terms of number of readers for each post and more features, which are good at analyzing your activities. Moreover, many social media sites provide perfect platforms for feedback such as Klout and YouTube.


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