Shave Your Topic

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Blog posts for the Digital Marketing course

This article, which is about How To Keep a Blog Post Outline From Going Off the Rails, has been written by Sean D’Souza. The main idea behind this article is how a person drives his or her idea when writing a blog post or an article rather than being driven.

  The writer gave an example that if you would start writing your article about cartoon, which is according to the writer wild for a single article. So in this case, you need to take a step down to a related sub-topic such as choosing cartoon faces to have some control about the topic. However, you are still slightly out of focus because there are many cartoon faces such as upset, hungry, sad, curious, tired cartoon faces or so on. So you need to take a step down again to a related sub-sub-topic such as choosing angry cartoon faces.  Now, you will be more confident of tackling the “angry cartoon faces” topic because you can see that an outline is starting to form in your head.

 I have found the article useful because it looks at an important aspect that is communication and also how we can make our ideas meaningful in a few paragraphs or may in a few words. Many of us may have interesting things to write about and share with others as blog posts trying to drive traffic however people find themselves way from what they trying to say, which makes their thought less useful. Twitter application can be taken as an example of how important to deliver your message in a few words and that means that we have to go straight to our ideas. Businesses use Twitter to quickly share their information with people who are interested in their products or services and build relationship with customers so businesses should keep in their minds the idea behind “Shave Your Topic”. Also, Keek program, which is a video application, is another example of how important to take a step down to a related sub-sub-sub-topic or more because you only have 36 second to deliver your presentation.


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  1. Roomyoo says:

    nice thought 🙂 keep it up

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